Here you will find weekly updates of our Track Area Renovations as we build for the future!

Thanks to our generous donors, you will see the Track Area transform!

Monday, September 5: THE WAIT IS FINALLY OVER! Come check out the brand new lower fitness area & resurfaced indoor track! We hope you love it!

Wednesday, August 16: 30 pieces of equipment from downstairs has been removed from the track/weight area and starting tomorrow morning, the entire downstairs track/weight room area will be closed until September 4 and reopen on September 5 at 5:00 am

Tuesday, August 8: On Wednesday, August 16, 30 pieces of equipment will be removed from the track/weight area to make room for our 74 pieces of new equipment! The entire downstairs track/weight area will be closed August 17-September 4 to add a new track surface, new equipment, new LED lighting, new sound system, branding and fresh bright colors, TV's & so much more!

Wednesday, August 3: The Sand Studio is officially all set & ready to go and we will be moving a few classes outside starting in September (Weather Permitting)!

  • Friday, September 15: Stretch with Lisa 5:00-6:00 pm AND Yoga with Lisa 6:00-7:00 pm
  • Tuesday, September 19: HIIT with Cheryl 9:30-10:15 am
  • Wednesday, September 27: Rock Bottoms with Marit 7:30-8:15 am

Wednesday, July 19: New track AC delivered and currently being installed.

Wednesday, June 21: The new sand studio is almost complete and the hay has been laid, now we wait for the grass to grow!

Wednesday, June 7: New HVAC unit has been delivered.

Monday, June 5: The full circle of the track will be open at 5:00 pm and the boxing room is anticipated to open Monday, June 12

Friday, June 2: Our Outdoor Sand Studio is becoming a reality now that the sand has been delivered!


Friday, May 19: Future home of our outdoor sand studio. Group fitness, individual group & team conditioning and volleyball in the sand.

Tuesday, May 16: We have put together a timeline of completion for all of the projects that will be happening downstairs in the track/fitness area. Take a look here!

Wednesday, May 3: Bye bye purple sheet rock! Hello primer paint!

Tuesday, May 2: New AC unit currently being installed in the spin room. Our painter, Charlie, will begin primer painting the track walls tomorrow!


Wednesday, April 26: The new spin room is painted and on schedule to open the second week in May! The sheetrock is 80% in place and the spackle and paint is already underway. We currently have a temporary air conditioning up & running while we wait for the arrival of our BRAND NEW HVAC system equipment.


Friday, April 21: Sheet rock installation in the spin room is complete & painting the spin room will begin next week!

Wednesday, April 19: Sheet rock installation in the Spin room has begun!


Tuesday, April 18: Walls are spray foamed, core drilling is complete, & sheet rock installation will begin Wednesday, April 19. You will notice plastic partitions while they install the sheet rock & it may be loud at times. (Ear plugs are available at the front desk). Duct work and new HVAC system will arrive soon!



Friday, April 7: The Spin instructor platform is coming right along and the walls are ready for spray foam & core drilling for the new HVAC system & re-routing the plumbing.


Wednesday, April 5: THE ENTIRE TRACK AREA WILL BE CLOSED APRIL 10 at 8:00 am, all day APRIL 11 & all day APRIL 12. It will RE-OPEN THURSDAY, APRIL 13 AT 5:00 am. This includes the stairwell, the entire track, boxing room, all machines & free weight area. The contractors will be installing new doors in the hallway/stairwell and boiler room. Installing spray foam on the walls to prepare them for sheet rock installation. Core drilling for the new HVAC system. You may go to other YMCA's in New Jersey as per our reciprocity program. REMEMBER TO BRING YOUR MEMBERSHIP ID CARD. Thank you for your patience!

Monday, April 3: The Spin room is still on track for spin classes to be moved back in room at the end of April. Rear of track area to remain closed until further notice. As the project extends beneath the middle beams and the boxing room, more areas will be closed temporarily.

Friday, March 24: The remodeled spin room is about 40% complete. The new walls are installed and the electricians are currently doing their part. At this point we expect the spinning room to be available for use towards the end of April. The backside of the track area that is currently blocked off by plastic will house the majority of mechanical to the new air conditioning. Consequently that area will  continue to be blocked off while work is performed. We encourage you to continue to use the track and our goal is to have the 'full lap' around the track available towards the end of April. Please contact if you have any suggestions or comments. We certainly appreciate your patience.

Thursday, March 9: The Spin Room Reconstruction is in full force! Some areas in the track area may be affected during this time, but we appreciate your patience during this process!

Thursday, March 2: Effective Monday, March 5 SIGNIFICANT CHANGES will be made to the Weight Room/Track Area. The machines leading up to the Spinning Room will be CLOSED. The Boxing Room will be CLOSED. The Spinning Room will be CLOSED (temporarily moved to the Community Room for classes). TRX classes will still be held. Contractors will be working on the outer lane of the track from the boxing room to the free weights, therefore resulting in a disrupted track pattern. IT WILL BE VERY LOUD. Earplugs are available at the front desk.

Thursday, February 23: The outside windows are framed and ready to be installed. Wall framing is almost complete. Currently working on final air conditioning requirements. Stay tuned for updates! Thank you for your continued patience.

Tuesday, February 7: The Spin Room re-construction is underway! Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!


Monday, February 6: The track area section from the boxing room to behind the Spin Room (including the Spin Room) will be CLOSED on Tuesday February, 7. The part of the TRX area is also going to be closed. The 5:45 am & 6:00 pm Spin Class is still scheduled, but the 9:30 am Spin Class is CANCELED. The boxing room will reopen by Friday, February 10.

Friday, January 27: The transformation of the track area/weigh room has OFFICIALLY begun! It will be loud downstairs during construction and ear plugs are available at the front desk. Part of the track along the outside wall will be closed.

Thursday, January 26: The metal studs have been delivered and the wall framing will begin tomorrow. Please note that during this contruction, it may be loud during your workout. Earplugs are available at the front desk.

Wednesday, January 25: Temporary walls have been constructed around the rear parking lot double doors & the new doors have been installed! It will take roughly 2-3 days per set of doors. All parking spots that run along the back of the building are suspended for contractor parking only. 

Monday, January 2: HAPPY NEW YEAR! You'll notice construction activity beginning Tuesday, January 10! New doors will be installed and exterior walls will be framed. Please note that all parking spots that run along the back of the building are suspended for contractor parking only.

Thursday, December 1: The engineers and contractors were here earlier this week modifying the project. Our new Track Doors have been ordered and should be here within 1-2 weeks and the Boxing Room Doors will be removed mid December and reinstalled in the main hallway. During the month of December the architects and engineers will put finishing touches on the design along with small light projects to get us ready. Expect a lot of construction activity to start the New Year! Thank you for your patience! 


Tuesday, November 22: All Track Area work is suspended this week due to the holiday. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 14: Diamond Glass company will be removing the mirrors. AFFECTED AREAS: Area 3: The track will be CLOSED Tuesday November 15 & 16 but the equipment is open. Area 1, 2 & 3: Top section of the track (when you walk down to the right) will be CLOSED Tuesday November 15 &16 but the equipment area will be open.

Tuesday, November 8: We are finalizing plans and you will notice mirrors will start to be removed next week in preparation of repairing the exterior walls.

Monday, October 31: You may still see things are quiet in the track area, but our architects and design team are hard at work taking measurements and finalizing the plans! Pretty soon you will start to see significant changes!

Tuesday, October 25: Although things may look quiet, there is a lot of work being done behind the scenes! Architect is doing field work and engineering plans are being modified. We are working hard to accomodate your workout space and limit downtime.

Friday, October 21: The plumbers are removing and rerouting supply line to different parts of the track from approximately 8:00 am 11:00 am. AFFECTED AREAS Sections 1 & 2 (area closest to the stairwell & middle area). If stairwell is not available for use, you may take the elevator up to the lobby.

Thursday, October 20: The Electricians will be removing excess wiring form the walls and ceilings from approximately 8:00 am - 1:00pm. AFFECTED AREAS sections 1 & 3 (area closest to the stairwell & the area the runs along the outside wall)

Tuesday, October 18-Friday, October 21: Humidity tests being done on the outer parts of the track. Parts of the outer lane of the track will be CLOSED all week.

Wednesday, October 12: TRACK AREA CLOSURE: The area that will be CLOSED today is Section 3-the area that runs along the outside wall where the doors are. This area will be CLOSED from approximately 8:00 am - 3:30 pm. They will be removing old duct work & pipe work from the walls & ceilings. See photo for area that will be closed.


First phase of construction downstairs in the Track Area.

Tuesday, October 11: The architect firm & engineers will be onsite to modify the plans.

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