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As a cornerstone in our communities, the Randolph YMCA continues to grow and evolve so there there is always a place to become the best version of ourselves.

The Y is:

  • A resource, where people find opportunities to live healthy, exercise, and nurture their spirit, mind & body.
  • A safe space, where children are cared for, inspired, and guided.
  • A welcoming spot, where people help each other out, friendships are developed, and everyone has a sense of belonging.

Over its 125 year history, the Randolph YMCA has strengthened the fabric of our community by focusing on youth development, healthy living and social responsibility. Whether it's connecting with friends, spending time as a family, or overcoming physical limitations, the Y has been the cornerstone of many of our lives and has been the foundation upon which countless goals have been set and achieved.

To ensure that the Randolph YMCA can continue to honor its commitment as the anchor and gathering place of our community, the senior leadership and Board of Directors at the Randolph YMCA are focused on the future of this organization.

Our first ever Capital Campaign, The Building What Matters Campaign, represents a significant investment in what matters to the Y: our diverse community and all its members, our youth, our adults, our seniors and our families. The campaign aims to secure the financial resources necessary to dramatically enhance our facilities, which to many, is like a second home. More than just physical structure, our facilities represent a place where regardless of your income, background, or physical abilities, you will find a welcoming and nurturing environment. This campaign celebrates the unique spirit of the Y and with the support of our entire community, our improved facility will reflect and amplify the great value of this shared space.

We are launching the first phase of this project on September 28, 2016 thanks to the generosity of our Capital Campaign Leadership donations since October 2015. The initial phase will be improving our widely used Indoor Track Area. The new look and updated features will modernize the facility and make it a more welcoming place for the people, families, and children who make this Y a part of their lives.

THIS Y WILL BE LIKE NO OTHER. Here's what you can expect...

Generous donations to the Building What Matters Campaign will allow us to change, but we have more work to do and we need your support!


The Future: Natural light, new track surface, energy efficient systems and state-of-the-art equipment are part of the vision for the upgraded track area.


The Future: Formerly known as the "lobby," our Welcome Center will be an innovative space with technology upgrades that make us more efficient to serve you better. The newly renovated space will be a bright, delightful space for adults and families to enjoy free Wi-Fi, a juice from our snack bar and friendly conversation.


The Future: More than 1,000 people each year enter the Y and need an accessible space to prepare for physical activity and rehabilitation. The ADA* Accessible and Family Changing Locker Room will be designed to that we become barrier free for all those that need our services. Individual changing stalls, private showers, proper ADA equipment and easy access to our pools are all part of the plans.

*Americans with Disabilities Act


The Future: Plans include fresh, new upgrades to the existing locker rooms. Once the locker rooms are modernized and enhanced, we will better serve current members and future generations.