Who was Sally Schenkman?
Sally Schenkman was a long-time member of the Randolph YMCA who swam every day at the Y. She unexpectedly passed away in May 2017 and in honor of Sally’s spirit and in keeping with her belief of helping those who need it most, her family decided to help us raise money to build an ADA Accessible Locker Room. Sally was an 
inspiration to us all and she will forever be missed. 

How is the renovation of the Sally Schenkman Locker Room funded?
Thanks to YOUR generous donations, the Sally Schenkman Locker Room was funded entirely through the Building What Matters Capital Campaign, specifically the Annual Swim for Sally Event. 

What will the Sally Schenkman Locker Room be like when the renovations are completed?
It will be located directly off the front desk area, making access to both pools easier. It will include two wet private ADA accessible changing rooms including showers, toilets, sinks, and changing tables for adults & children. It will also include two dry private changing rooms. Much thought was given to making this area welcoming, safety conscious & slip proof, providing easy access to these pools for those with disabilities. Day lockers, grab rails, seating, and an automatic door for easy entrance into the Warm Water Pool will be located within the locker room. 

What is happening to the Men’s & Women’s bathrooms located off the lobby?
The Women’s Bathroom will now become the Main Entrance to the Sally Schenkman Locker Room. The Men’s Bathroom (to the left of the water fountain) will become a Unisex Bathroom effective at the start of construction.
How many months will the renovations take? 
We are anticipating a Grand Opening for Summer 2019. 

Are there areas that will be closed in the facility during construction?
Every attempt is being made to continue business as usual. There may from time to time be limited closure or access. We will update you accordingly. 

How can I find out about the status of the renovation?
Updates can be found on our website, our Facebook page, Instagram page, Twitter page & TV monitor in the lobby. For unanticipated closures, (i.e. plumbing, electrical, etc.) be sure to subscribe to our email list. Go to www.randolphymca.org & enter your email address at the bottom of the home page. 

Currently I use the green door to access the Warm Water Pool, will I still be able to do that?
Access to the Warm Water Pool for those who are currently assisted through the green door should contact their Rehab Specialist or Kathy Fisher to make arrangements during the construction.

Are you still accepting donations for this renovation?
YES! You may still contribute to the Building What Matters Campaign. Contact Development Director, Jordan DiEgidio at 973.366.1120 Ext. 38 or jordan@randolphymca.org 
SAVE THE DATE for our upcoming 3rd Annual Swim for Sally Event on October 5!

For all other details regarding the Sally Schenkman Locker Room Renovations, please contact Bill Lamia, CEO at 973.366.1120 Ext. 15 or bill@randolphymca.org or Kathy Fisher, Aquatic Director at 973.366.1120 Ext. 14 or kathy@randolphymca.org