The Program House is a brand new concept developed by the Randolph YMCA to meet community needs without the commitment of a Y membership. It offers quality classes and services designed for all ages and many interests. Randolph YMCA members receive reduced participation fees.


Senior Fitness

Move For Better Balance Class uses a variety of equipment and techniques not only to improve static and dynamic balance but reactive balance as well. These specially designed classes focuses on strength, agility and flexibility. MEMBERSHIP NOT REQUIRED.

Children's Birthday Parties

Choose from a pool or gymnasium party! We provide the space, table, chairs & staff. You provide the food and decorations. Let our specially trained staff deliver fun activities for your kids in a safe & clean environment. MEMBERSHIP NOT REQUIRED.

Fight Back Against Parkinson's! Rock Steady Boxing & "Fight Back" UH20

Rock Steady Boxing: We are learning every day that there are ways in which people with Parkinson's disease can enhance their daily quality of life and even build impressive power, strength, flexibility and speed! By exercising with coaches who know the ropes, you can fight your way out of the corner and start to feel and function better. In a University of Indianapolis study involving boxing training for people with Parkinson's disease, they discovered that patients showed short and long term improvements including balance, gait, activities of daily living and quality of life. MEMBERSHIP NOT REQUIRED.

"Fight Back" UH20: Our YMCA is the only facility in the United States to offer aquatic boxing. Aquatic boxing can help:

  • Dramatically improve flexibility, range of motion, strength & balance
  • It is an ideal environment for balance training
  • Participants are able to work on balance and gait training without the fear of falling or injury-"Let's face it, the worst that can happen is you'll get wet!"
  • UH20 is part of our Fight Back Against Parkinson's program and is held exclusively in our Warm Water Pool.

For more information about Rock Steady Boxing or "Fight Back" UH20, contact Coach Kathy Fisher at 973 366 1120 x14 or kathy@randolphymca.org


Massage Therapy is an effective and safe addition to an individual's wellness plan. Stress relief and relaxation of muscles are just some of the many benefits massage therapy can provide. MEMBERSHIP NOT REQUIRED.

Music Together

Music Together® classes create a community of families through singing, dancing and lots of fun. Our classes are designed to expose you to new music and bring back The Joy of Family Music®making - no matter what your talent is. We are all meant to be not only music consumers but music makers. We are a musical experience, not a musical performance!

When you join one of Merry Musician's Music Together classes you'll learn 25 new songs each semester and have activities that your family will enjoy in class and at home. Our classes meet weekly for 45 minutes and the sessions are 10 weeks long. There are nine different song collections so you can learn new songs for the next 3 years! In addition to our engaging weekly classes, your tuition includes a CD, songbook, download of the songs (a free app for the songs) and online access to the curriculum and the research behind it. For families with children from 0-7 years old. Call or email Merry Musicians about trying a free class. This class is held at the Program House-on the hill at the Randolph YMCA. To register call 973-945-2828 or the website www.merrymusicians.com or email info@merrymusicians.com DISCOUNT for Full Randolph YMCA Members. Call Merry Musicians to register or for more information! MEMBERSHIP NOT REQUIRED.

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