Dear Members,

We hope you and your family are well. In March, the Y closed its doors due to the COVID-19 pandemic in our effort to help flatten the curve. To help families and individuals through this difficult time, we also put all membership fees on hold expecting our doors to be closed for only a short time.

How Your YMCA Has Been Helping Your Community Since the Doors Closed

Over the past 5 months, state health guidelines have severely limited the services our Y and YMCAs across the state can provide. We haven’t been able to open our doors, but we have been able to give back to the community. We offered virtual fitness classes, hosted a Red Cross blood drive for hospitalized COVID-19 patients, provided hundreds of wellness checks to vulnerable seniors, conducted food drives in partnership with the community food bank and provided free grocery pick up and light yardwork.

As state guidelines continued to evolve, we were able to hold outdoor group fitness classes, launch our swim team program, open our summer camp and indoor pools. And now, we are thrilled to announce we have just introduced a new 3 or 5 day school program at the Randolph Y. 


We thank all of you who have shown us overwhelmingly positive support by staying with us and participating in our available programs.

Now, We Need Your Help

The Randolph Y is a non-profit community organization that serves over 7,000 members from more than 30 surrounding communities. As a non-profit organization, the Randolph Y depends on membership dues, program revenues and donations to operate and pay for all of the services and programs we offer. In addition, the Randolph Y makes sure that our services are available to everyone regardless of income or financial circumstances. There is no “home office” or state agency providing financial assistance.

Today, I am asking for your generosity….for your support to keep our Y operating and our community strong. Please consider one of the membership options offered below. Please call the Welcome Center, Monday – Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm to discuss or email Jordan DiEgidio, Development Director,

Reboot, Reactivate, Forgive, Donate

There are four ways to help

  • Reboot your Y membership, which was placed on ‘hold’ on March 17 and come back to the Y.
    • Participate in our outdoor fitness classes or swim in our pools
  • Reactivate your Y membership, which was placed on ‘hold’ on March 17.
    • We understand you may not be comfortable coming back to the Y just yet, however, reactivating your membership even without visiting will help subsidize our school program and financially stabilize the Y during this crisis period. For six-month and Annual members, the amount of time your membership has been on ‘hold’ since March 17 will be considered a charitable contribution. For monthly members, by reactivating your monthly membership you will be making a monthly charitable contribution. All charitable contributions will be recognized with a letter for tax purposes.
  • Forgive the “time lost” on your Y membership from March 17
    • The amount forgiven is considered a charitable donation. The Y will send you a letter for tax purposes.
  • Donate to the Y
    • Every $250 we receive will provide care for 1 child for one week, allow that child’s parents to go back to work

As we navigate these extenuating circumstances for the sixth month and possibly longer, it is more apparent that we are stronger and better when we work together. Thank you for your generosity.


Jeff Rayner – Chief Volunteer Officer