Dear Members,

The Randolph YMCA has always operated on two key principles:  to maintain a safe facility and to remain mission driven.  Since March of 2020, this has not been easy.  We, along with you, are continuing to navigate through the challenges COVID created.  These challenges are far reaching, affecting us socially, physically, emotionally, and of course, fiscally.

The Randolph YMCA is no stranger to these challenges. Everywhere you turn costs are increasing, services are decreasing and the supply chain is in disarray.  Restrictions and reductions are at the forefront of all business operations. 

However, this YMCA recognizes and is sensitive to the fact that everyone is facing these challenges. It’s not just a business thing.  It’s you, me - it’s all of us globally on a day-to-day basis.   It has always been our mission to not only provide health and wellness programming, but to be, at our core, a community impact organization.

You shared so many stories of personal impact during my 20-year tenure, and that, quite frankly, is why I do what I do.  Serving at this Y has been a privilege and I have had some of the most rewarding and heartwarming experiences of my life here under this roof.  In fact, throughout our 40+ year history at this site, we’ve been helping by way of our scholarship program, aquatic rehab services, before and after school programming, and our countless services during the height of COVID.  We have always been here for our community and will continue to do so.

But we want to do more…and here’s how.  The staff and board of the Randolph YMCA have decided not to raise our rates - as many of our competitors are doing - but to maintain and, in some cases, REDUCE our rates. It is incumbent upon us to help begin rebuilding the skills we have lost during isolation - to reverse the social and emotional learning deficit kids had to endure during shutdown, and to once again bring people together to learn, grow and thrive.  Quite simply put, we want to make it easier and more affordable for you to spend time together as a family, here at our Y.

So, for 2022, I am pleased to announce that none of our monthly membership rates are increasing AND, IN ADDITION, we are reducing our Youth, Young Adult and Family rates.  We have also added a Teen Membership to better accommodate our members ages 12-18.

It has never been more important for this Y to give back.  To all of you who have supported us I thank you for your partnership, your patience, and your trust. And to those of you who will be joining us, WELCOME.  We want to hear from you-we are here to listen, and we are here to serve.  The Y is not a just a place.  It is a collection of people joined together, all of us, committed to improving lives and strengthening community.

I look forward to a prosperous 2022 and welcome your feedback on how we can make the Y even better.


Kathy Fisher

Chief Executive Officer